In Cambodia, most families are living in poverty and illiterate, thus they are liable to be suffered many problems that they are encountering and moreover, some parents don’t pay enough attention about healthcare and various prevention to their families, significantly their children. Additionally, Healthcare is a fundamental building block in the fight against world poverty. Likewise in Cambodia, the lack of healthcare prevention is one the main factors contributing poverty and blocking the efforts of the Cambodia Royal Government in developing and fostering its national economy. The cost of treating diseases is huge and it also takes adults away from their daily work and give children to miss their classes.

Serve Cambodia has been involving with helping Cambodian people to achieve their prospective goals through providing the education system which includes educational classes, nutrient food and healthcare provision. So far, one of our newly commenced projects called Medical Outreach Project has assisted as a health coordinator in our communities ( Happy Village 1 and 2) and education centres by providing healthcare training to help them to be aware of prevention and avoidance from sickness and disease, and giving some basic medication.


Due to lack of healthcare education, most parents do not care enough about of their children’s eating, thus most children’s teeth are severely damaged and decayed. Through the medical outreach project, we care about them and we had looked for outer connection with other NGOs which provides free dental care for children. 37 children who had severely damaged teeth were recently brought for Dental Care NGO to checkup.
Recently, we also provided further training through our education centres with the topic “How to brush your teeth properly”. There were 139 students participating. We choose this topic because we want to let children know that teeth are very important to mechanically break down items of food by cutting and chewing them in preparation for swallowing and digesting. In addition, we also advise them to eat healthy food and avoid eating too much sugary food because all these food can impair their teeth quickly. And we guide them to choose good quality item to brush their teeth as well. If they had unhealthy teeth, they may become sick and miss their classes.




Through this we discover that most children can know exactly how to practice regularly to build this good habit and make sure that their teeth are maintain properly. However we still continue dental check ups for other children in the next trimester to ensure that all students are paid attention. And we try our best to continue the healthcare education for them as often as possible, on this topic and many more.

by Nineaka Sim (Serve Cambodia community health nurse)

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We will build our church with $10!

The mother church of Fellowship of Hope is based in Phnom Penh, which is the capital city of Cambodia. Today, it has grown remarkably across the country in its 10 years of existence. Through the leadership of the mother church in Phnom Penh, it has planted 66 churches and touched the lives of about 3,000 people.


Because of its growth, the leaders of Fellowship of Hope Church have decided to build a building by faith that will be the permanent base of their work in Cambodia. This project will be called “Build a church with $10.” According to the growing number of the Fellowship, our church leaders have decided to put a building by faith. We continue to be faithful to the vision that God has place in our lives as leaders as we strive to fulfill His plans for us. The Fellowship of Hope Church purchased a land in the Phnom Penh city (17.5m x 22m) three years ago. Our young engineers (who we have supported in their university studies) have design the building plan for the building of the church. The church’s building plan has two floors plus the roof level in the normal Cambodian style: the first floor will be comprise of a kitchen, a room for Sunday School, an office and the restrooms as well. The second floor will be the accommodation room for pastors and leaders, guests and students from the provinces to stay during the training run by the Fellowship of Hope church. The roof level / third floor will be the church hall, and we can also use this opening area for training, wedding, funeral, and any celebrations else.


Our desire in believing God for this building is that we can have a base that is modern, that fits the needs of the church family in Phnom Penh. That can provides comfortable accommodations to our pastors from the provinces when they arrive in Phnom Penh and the same goes for their children that come to Phnom Penh to study. Right now we rent a building, but we are believing for a building that can be a home for our church community. The new building will be able to serve the church and the communities in a more efficient manner because of the rooms that will be built, and the ongoing running costs will be much cheaper than renting. We as the church member will give US$10 each to this project, starting with the mother church in Phnom Penh, then in our network and sister churches across the country and we strongly believed that our God will provide to make it enough.

by San Sara (Senior Pastor of Fellowship of Hope network of churches)


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Fellowship Of Hope Church Cell Group

Fellowship of Hope Church always gathering together as a church every Sunday at 9 am at Beoung Toum Pun area, Phnom Penh. Besides the church service, we also have a several cell groups meeting at various homes, during the week or the weekend.

16195614_1496652063708591_5696709346913104044_n 13891859_558439864363074_1697024584192568571_n

One of the cell group meets in a school area every Thursday afternoon at 2pm. Pastor Savuth, Bong SreyPheap and I attend this group and are part of the speakers’ rotation along with Bong Davy and Bong Lai. Between six and nine workers and residents from the village attend the group.

16296067_1247188698699537_608768307_n 16976688_1279844578767282_1144069878_n

We also have other places of cell group as well such as in the slum areas, and in Happy Village 2 in Prey Sor (near the HOH education centre), etc.  We gathering together and shared the words of hope for them. More than that we also fellowship together and chatting after end of the session. We sing together, pray for each other, and give a short message of exhortation.

16343865_1248608745224199_299673450_n 13895226_558438894363171_9098718565508229748_n

I believe that each cell group is salt and light for the world, showing the life that we have in Jesus Christ, and illustrating the love of God for us.

by Worthy Williams (missionary serving with Fellowship of Hope Church)

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Serve Cambodia Christmas Party

We hope that you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations last month and have all returned safely from your holidays by now. Christmas was a great opportunity for us as projects of Serve Cambodia can be all gathering in one place and celebrate the Christmas Party for all our students from the 3x education centres joining together at Tarsha’s Legacy Centre (TLC). On this Christmas Party we had prepared many programs such as show performance, Comedy, Lucky draw etc.
Every single center (LOH, HOH and TLC), they also prepare their own show of their centre and perform on that day as well. Moreover, we see that all the program were running very smoothly and audience are really happy and enjoy with our program.
We also had a beautiful bicycle as a big gift for those whom is lucky by the lucky draw. One mother of a student who lives in Happy Village II had also won a beautiful bicycle as a big gift on that day as well. She was very happy and excited because she didn’t have a bicycle at home for her transportation to work.
The special program that the audience are looking for is a Competition of Serve Cambodia Singer between the 3 centres. In each centre had collected the best singer to represent of the school and do the competition to get the Champion. As the result, the singer in each student had done very good which their voice, performance, confidant… and it is hard for the judges to give the result so at the end of the show the champion in this year go to Harvest Of Hope Centre.
So we just want to take this time as well to say thank you to all the donor, people who sponsor and support for Serve Cambodia that they always help and keep us in their prayers. Many thanks too to all of the Serve Cambodia staff, that made this Christmas Party – without your work, the student will not have a great time like this.

by Phanna Hun (TLC centre manager)

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