Fellowship of Hope Church (FHC) is continually committed to conduct our annual Pastors and Leaders conference in this year with our fabulous partner from Perth Bible College (PBC). The conference was held from 10th till 15th July 2017, which located in Siem Reap at the Dara Reang Sey Hotel. The first day had arrived, all pastors and church leaders were enthusiastic and gathered together by catching the 2 buses ahead to Siem Reap which has a breathtaking world heritage site known as AngKor Wat Temple, as they spent approximately 6 hours on the jounery. Significantly, there were 110 pastors and leaders who took place the conference for this year.



The theme of the conference was ‘‘Serving with Integrity’’, likewise the Godly servants have to loyally serve and illustrate God’s willing with love and honor to others, by not determining about race, color, religion, sexism and nationality…etc. Moreover, the young leaders are motivated to involve more by the following tracks which paved the way by elder pastors. Particularly, there were 2 sessions in a day at the morning and the evening, the first session at the morning was divided by 2 phases, there was a teaching session which followed by groups’ discussion, and then four different workshops after the break-time. And in the evening, there also was other teaching session. Interestingly, there were a great spirit of worship and unity in the place and everyone was challenged to draw closer in order to work much more effectively for the kingdom of God before each session was begun.








During the conference, the three senior pastors from FHC’s “mother church” conducted a 2km marathon along with 35 participants from the conference joined, as they want to raise money for building the mother church building in Phnom Penh which locate in Takmao. As all participants had to pay $2.50 each for church building fund. When this building is completed, FHC would not need to rent the existing church facility.




All the pastors and leaders of Fellowship of Hope Churches in Cambodia would like to say thank you abundantly to the team of Perth Bible college for taking the time and energy to spend a few weeks in fellowship with us and teaching us more about God and His words, therefore we can grow together and serve him with integrity for the sake of God’s kingdom. We would equally say thanks to all those have supported the conference through financial support and faithful prayers.




Without you, the conference would not have been a success in the life of FHC in Cambodia. We say thank you again for supporting us in our 8th conference together. We hope this report encouraged you and illustrate how your faithful prayers and financial support are strengthening the Fellowship of Hope Churches in order for them to be the salt and light in their communities.

by Nineaka Sim, Hong Kim and Pastor Savuth Ros (Fellowship of Hope Church)

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Our Kindergarten Class

Serve Cambodia’s new kindergarten class has done a great job, each student is happy and enjoys of their study every day. Daily, we saw them coming with their friend by walking together to school with a happy face and looking forward to get in their class. They have lots of fun and learn many new things from their teacher.

20170622_142912 20170622_142906

They can hang up their crafts, photos, pictures that were made by them self so they can see their work and also can remind them about the lessons that they had learned. Week by week, the class always changes activities, craft pictures so all student feel new for every week which not made them bored of their class.

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Recently we had passed the Appreciation letter for the best student that they had done a great job in the past 3 months, while their mums had visited with them. As the parents they are really happy and excited about the achievement their child had accomplished.

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We also gave advice and suggestion to the parent to be a part of our centre by encourage their child to come to class and follow up with them while they are at home and be a good example for them. Also to praised them when they had done something great or well, monitor them or showed them direction to go.

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Moreover, our nurse had shared about the body hygiene to the parents to taking care of their young children when they are at home and make sure that their child had good hygiene when they are at school. As the result, every student appreciated what they had done.

Thank you so much to all of our sponsors for the students at each of Serve Cambodia’s centres (TLC, HOH and LOH). Your support is what makes this education and opportunity possible for the poor families to receive, and training them to have more responsibility and control for their own lives and families.

by Phanna Hun (TLC Centre Manager)

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Kakada’s story

Life can be very different for one child compared to the next. Some children live in the good family which cherish and love them and provide the sufficient meals, clothes, money and welfare with fully protection from their families. In contrast, some children don’t have enough food and anything that can develop them to reach their potential. Or sometimes, they have to work to earn income to support their families and this stunts their economic development and limits their future opportunities.


Kakada is a student at one of Serve Cambodia’s education centres, and he is an astute and outstanding student in the government school system and also in the Serve Cambodia centre, as he often gets number one in his classes. He is so sociable in the school. Some of his friends go to him and need his assistance of lesson explanation. Undoubtedly, all the teachers are so proud of him.


Unfortunately he lives with only his mother, brother and sister, as his father passed away since he was young. At the present, his mom is quite old, sick and unemployed from her previous work in the garment factory. Anyway, she still does her best to find a small income by washing the clothes, toilet or dishes for other people and earns approximately US$1.50 a day. As she has desire to see her children have bright future and proper job, she always encourages and urges her children to study hard and she is willing to carry on the existing burdens to look after her children. Her actions have shown a strong and positive example to others in her community for how they can change the future of their families.


Serve Cambodia has also given Kakada’s family additional housing and food support in the period that his mother still didn’t have any good job, so that she didn’t feel the need to remove her kids from school and send them to work. Serve Cambodia has given opportunities to many poor children like Kakada to receive free education, nutrient meals, study materials, uniforms, healthcare provision and last but not least, when they finish high school, Serve Cambodia also fulfils their dream by supporting them to have higher education or vocational skill in any university.

We also encourage anyone who wants to be part of transforming the Cambodian children’s lives and help them to reach their potential in the future, as they certainly are needing your support and prayers for them. The best practical support that you can give is to sponsor a child through Serve Cambodia, which gives the resources that are needed to continue this work.

by Vanna Hin and Hong Kim (Serve Cambodia staff)

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In Cambodia, most families are living in poverty and illiterate, thus they are liable to be suffered many problems that they are encountering and moreover, some parents don’t pay enough attention about healthcare and various prevention to their families, significantly their children. Additionally, Healthcare is a fundamental building block in the fight against world poverty. Likewise in Cambodia, the lack of healthcare prevention is one the main factors contributing poverty and blocking the efforts of the Cambodia Royal Government in developing and fostering its national economy. The cost of treating diseases is huge and it also takes adults away from their daily work and give children to miss their classes.

Serve Cambodia has been involving with helping Cambodian people to achieve their prospective goals through providing the education system which includes educational classes, nutrient food and healthcare provision. So far, one of our newly commenced projects called Medical Outreach Project has assisted as a health coordinator in our communities ( Happy Village 1 and 2) and education centres by providing healthcare training to help them to be aware of prevention and avoidance from sickness and disease, and giving some basic medication.


Due to lack of healthcare education, most parents do not care enough about of their children’s eating, thus most children’s teeth are severely damaged and decayed. Through the medical outreach project, we care about them and we had looked for outer connection with other NGOs which provides free dental care for children. 37 children who had severely damaged teeth were recently brought for Dental Care NGO to checkup.
Recently, we also provided further training through our education centres with the topic “How to brush your teeth properly”. There were 139 students participating. We choose this topic because we want to let children know that teeth are very important to mechanically break down items of food by cutting and chewing them in preparation for swallowing and digesting. In addition, we also advise them to eat healthy food and avoid eating too much sugary food because all these food can impair their teeth quickly. And we guide them to choose good quality item to brush their teeth as well. If they had unhealthy teeth, they may become sick and miss their classes.




Through this we discover that most children can know exactly how to practice regularly to build this good habit and make sure that their teeth are maintain properly. However we still continue dental check ups for other children in the next trimester to ensure that all students are paid attention. And we try our best to continue the healthcare education for them as often as possible, on this topic and many more.

by Nineaka Sim (Serve Cambodia community health nurse)

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