Healthcare Training for the Needy

In Serve Cambodia’s Medical Outreach project, we pay close attention to all children in our centers and our communities as well. We have a number of strategies for providing support.

Most Cambodians in remote villages in the province or on the outskirts of the city have difficulty obtaining or getting healthcare education. Their financial circumstance compel them to focus on earning an income rather than taking time to absorb healthcare education. However hard people work, when someone in their family gets sick their money quickly disappears because of the cost of medical care. We are trying to educate people to realize that prevention is better than treatment.




We provide all the children and community with basic healthcare training, a dental care checkup twice a year, and BMI screening for the children every trimester. (BMI is a ratio of a person’s height and weight and while it does not specifically measure body fat but can be an indicator of body fatness). Every student needs some body fat but having too much body fat can put them at risk of health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Having too little body fat is also unhealthy. Thus, every trimester all students have their BMI measured to ensure that their health is cared for and those with diet issues are given support and advice.




Thus we are working on how we can fix this problem by providing basic healthcare training for both children and community.

Another important strand of our work is to work on basic hygiene. Hygiene is a term for various practices that help preserve a person’s well-being and health through acts of cleanliness. In short, proper hygiene is important for children in order to keep them healthy. To practice preserving one’s health through acts of cleanliness is very important for children. By brushing their teeth, washing their hands, and cutting their fingernails, children help preserve their health and that of others around them. All the children in Serve Cambodia’s three centers are taught how to brush their teeth properly, to eat a balanced diet and how to recover from the flu or common cold. This also lets them know the consequences of poor hygiene and what constitutes good personal hygiene.






Additionally the community are invited to join training on healthcare knowledge every trimester in order for them to know how to protect themselves and their families. We have provided them some training in; first aid, hypertension, diabetes, dehydration and updated them on any current health issues. The community are also made aware that drinking plenty of water can treat some sickness without the use of medicine and they are also shown how to help people in an emergency. Feedback from the community is very positive and we found it encouraging to see how the community is sharing their knowledge with their family and community.





We see it as important that the community not only obtain medical care but also get education at the same time.


However, we are constantly looking for the next opportunity to help our community to improve its health care and for us to show Jesus’ love through our work.

By Nineaka Sim (Serve Cambodia’s School Nurse)

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The life grown up by supporting

This is Seyha, he studies at one of Serve Cambodia’s education centres since 2011. He is the good boy and the top student in school. He loves the school and works hard learning English language at the centre, among his other classes. He is the active student in class and he isn’t just a top student at the SC centre but he also the top student in the state school.

HOH 204 Hul Seyha

He has gotten the good result of an examination and the teachers at state school are proud of him. Especially in November this year he will get the praise certificate from the Ministry of Education. Nowadays Seyha is studying at Grade 11 and he will finish high school in 2018. He comes from the poor family and lives near the SC education centre.

hoh 204houl seyha

About Seyha’s family, they had originally moved from the slum and came to live near the Serve Cambodia centre. Even though he has moved out of the slum, his family doesn’t have much money. It is still in a poor area - everyone needs a lot of support to make a bright and new future where they can earn enough income for themselves and improve their lives.

Local houses

Local house

Seyha can study until finish high school by support from his sponsor and he is very happy for his education because he never thinks that he can study until finish high school and got the great result like that. He said that “thanks to sponsor that always support my studying and make me the top student in school”.


All the teachers and staff at Serve Cambodia are so proud of his studying and these past three months he is volunteer at the HOH centre and assist to teach the small class at afternoon. He always comes to help at the centre when he has time. We send our thanks to his sponsor that transform his life and get the bright future, and also to all of the other people who sponsor students like Seyha through Serve Cambodia’s education projects.

Prepared by Vanna Hin ( HOH Centre Manager )

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Fellowship of Hope Church (FHC) is continually committed to conduct our annual Pastors and Leaders conference in this year with our fabulous partner from Perth Bible College (PBC). The conference was held from 10th till 15th July 2017, which located in Siem Reap at the Dara Reang Sey Hotel. The first day had arrived, all pastors and church leaders were enthusiastic and gathered together by catching the 2 buses ahead to Siem Reap which has a breathtaking world heritage site known as AngKor Wat Temple, as they spent approximately 6 hours on the jounery. Significantly, there were 110 pastors and leaders who took place the conference for this year.



The theme of the conference was ‘‘Serving with Integrity’’, likewise the Godly servants have to loyally serve and illustrate God’s willing with love and honor to others, by not determining about race, color, religion, sexism and nationality…etc. Moreover, the young leaders are motivated to involve more by the following tracks which paved the way by elder pastors. Particularly, there were 2 sessions in a day at the morning and the evening, the first session at the morning was divided by 2 phases, there was a teaching session which followed by groups’ discussion, and then four different workshops after the break-time. And in the evening, there also was other teaching session. Interestingly, there were a great spirit of worship and unity in the place and everyone was challenged to draw closer in order to work much more effectively for the kingdom of God before each session was begun.








During the conference, the three senior pastors from FHC’s “mother church” conducted a 2km marathon along with 35 participants from the conference joined, as they want to raise money for building the mother church building in Phnom Penh which locate in Takmao. As all participants had to pay $2.50 each for church building fund. When this building is completed, FHC would not need to rent the existing church facility.




All the pastors and leaders of Fellowship of Hope Churches in Cambodia would like to say thank you abundantly to the team of Perth Bible college for taking the time and energy to spend a few weeks in fellowship with us and teaching us more about God and His words, therefore we can grow together and serve him with integrity for the sake of God’s kingdom. We would equally say thanks to all those have supported the conference through financial support and faithful prayers.




Without you, the conference would not have been a success in the life of FHC in Cambodia. We say thank you again for supporting us in our 8th conference together. We hope this report encouraged you and illustrate how your faithful prayers and financial support are strengthening the Fellowship of Hope Churches in order for them to be the salt and light in their communities.

by Nineaka Sim, Hong Kim and Pastor Savuth Ros (Fellowship of Hope Church)

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Our Kindergarten Class

Serve Cambodia’s new kindergarten class has done a great job, each student is happy and enjoys of their study every day. Daily, we saw them coming with their friend by walking together to school with a happy face and looking forward to get in their class. They have lots of fun and learn many new things from their teacher.

20170622_142912 20170622_142906

They can hang up their crafts, photos, pictures that were made by them self so they can see their work and also can remind them about the lessons that they had learned. Week by week, the class always changes activities, craft pictures so all student feel new for every week which not made them bored of their class.

19832480_1575547672516699_1547230761_n 19758259_1575547679183365_1583732745_n

Recently we had passed the Appreciation letter for the best student that they had done a great job in the past 3 months, while their mums had visited with them. As the parents they are really happy and excited about the achievement their child had accomplished.

19622304_1570295843041882_137686455_n 19553524_1570295826375217_113090136_n

We also gave advice and suggestion to the parent to be a part of our centre by encourage their child to come to class and follow up with them while they are at home and be a good example for them. Also to praised them when they had done something great or well, monitor them or showed them direction to go.

19621636_1570294819708651_1081975292_n 19578489_1570294879708645_2055483181_n

Moreover, our nurse had shared about the body hygiene to the parents to taking care of their young children when they are at home and make sure that their child had good hygiene when they are at school. As the result, every student appreciated what they had done.

Thank you so much to all of our sponsors for the students at each of Serve Cambodia’s centres (TLC, HOH and LOH). Your support is what makes this education and opportunity possible for the poor families to receive, and training them to have more responsibility and control for their own lives and families.

by Phanna Hun (TLC Centre Manager)

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