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Reaching out to the slums

TLC hasn’t been the only construction site in recent weeks. Fellowship of Hope and our supporters have been reaching out to a new slum this year, which at this stage is being referred to as “New Slum Community.” I know this name doesn’t seem to have taken much imagination to put together, but the outreach to this […]

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Moving to the new kitchen

Now that the new kitchen at TLC is complete, the next job was to transfer all of the supplies and cooking equipment. This was also a good opportunity to give the Refrigerator, shelves and cupboards a bit of a Spring clean. Thanks again to everyone who helped to improve the facilities at TLC with this major construction project! […]




Construction complete!

Thanks to the hard work of Mission Direct, Song and the team of builders from Happy Village, the new extensions to the TLC building have been completed! Praise God for the new space that he has provided, which will be a particularly welcome relief for the TLC teachers and kitchen staff. Here are some photos that were […]

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Hello World

Welcome to the new Fellowship of Hope website! Make sure you visit us regularly to keep up to date with all of the activity going on. You can even click on that little orange button in the top right hand corner of the page to subscribe to our RSS Feed (an easy way to check […]


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