Construction complete!

Thanks to the hard work of Mission Direct, Song and the team of builders from Happy Village, the new extensions to the TLC building have been completed! Praise God for the new space that he has provided, which will be a particularly welcome relief for the TLC teachers and kitchen staff. Here are some photos that were taken near the end of the build.

Here is the view from the new undercover courtyard. On the left are the toilets, laundry and washing up space. On the right is the new kitchen, and upstairs is Sara’s new office (yes, he finally has an office!).

And above you can see the new undercover outdoor area. This will be great for those stuffy, humid days, and will be perfect for holding larger community events.

Sara says that thanks to these 4 new toilets, the TLC students won’t need to run back to the village whenever nature calls!

Next stop on Sara’s guided tour is the washing up area…

…Followed by the new laundry.

And last of all is the new kitchen. This will make it much easier for the kitchen staff to prepare lunch for all of the TLC staff and students every day. You need a lot of space to cook for over 100 people at a time!

Sara is feeling tired, so he’s gone to hide in his new office…

We know that the bigger and better TLC building will be a huge blessing to the community at Koh Krobey!

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