Reaching out to the slums

TLC hasn’t been the only construction site in recent weeks. Fellowship of Hope and our supporters have been reaching out to a new slum this year, which at this stage is being referred to as “New Slum Community.” I know this name doesn’t seem to have taken much imagination to put together, but the outreach to this community has involved  much dedication from many people.

It all started with the building of relationships, after Sara was invited by a Christian lady living in the slum to come and visit. She wanted to see if he could do anything to help the community there, including running bible studies.

Then in January 2010, long time supporter Louise and her team from Tasmania delivered the life-changing gift of free water filters for each family in the New Slum Community. Poor water quality was often making these children and their parents sick, so the filters will greatly improve their standard of living.

Speaking of water and life-changing gifts…. during a visit to Cambodia by key supporter Bunhuor Lim a couple of months ago, practically all of the adults in the New Slum Community gave their lives to Christ! Praise God for this exciting news!

I promised you a story about a construction site, and here it is. This month Song, Sara, Reay and their team took time out from building at TLC to build a new toilet for the New Slum Community.

Even the local children wanted to help out.

Here is a message to everyone from Sara:

“Dear Friends, …we build the toilets for the poor people in the slum. They nearly 100 people living in that slum but only have one toilet and few day ago that toilet broke people not able to use that toilet anymore. Now I step by faith to build this toilet for them please pray for those people who need some help from you. Many blessing for you all. Best regard, Sara”

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