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Fellowship in Chaik Village

Fellowship of Hope Church in Chaik Village, Takeo Province is a relatively young church (not that any of our congregations have been around for more than a few years), and God has grown it from humble beginnings to a thriving community of believers. In late 2009, Song’s team of builders from Happy Village (with financial […]

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Those of you who have visited Happy Village more recently may know that Mrs. Luch from house number 17 has been going through a complicated pregnancy. Mrs. Luch is paraplegic, and her husband is blind. The pastoral team at Fellowship of Hope have been paying close attention to the family’s needs during the pregnancy, and many people have been praying for the […]




Soccer Champions!!!

As the world is in the grip of Soccer / Football Fever at the moment (due to the 2010 World Cup currently being held in South Africa), we thought that you would be excited to hear that our Friendship Soccer Ministry is producing its own champions. Our Friendship Soccer Club competes in a local competition every Saturday in Phnom Penh, […]

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On Tuesday the week before last, the 2010 International Children’s Concert was held at TLC. These annual concerts are organised by Sara’s wife Sochea (she is the Manager of TLC), and are performed by the TLC staff and students, as well as a handful of other church members from Fellowship of Hope. The International Children’s […]

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