Pastors Training Conference 2010

Dear Supporters,

Greeting from Cambodia!

On behalf of the two other Pastors and Fellowship of Hope Church we would like to thank you for your prayers and financial support. We have just wrapped up our first Fellowship of Hope Pastors Training Conference and it was good to see that the training was well attended by 65 people and 10 churches from across Cambodia: Phnom Penh Church, Koh Krobey Church, Koh Thom Church, Doung Church, Makak Church, Chaik Church, Koh Kong Church, Koh Sra Lau Church, Mondol Kiri Church and Chroy Brosh Church.

The conference was very successful and all those who attended were appreciative for the opportunity to learn more about God’s Word. They were all excited to go back to their provinces and share more of the Good News with others in their churches.

The conference ran from the 12th – 16th of July. The days consisted of prayer and quiet time, devotion and worship in the morning. Perth Bible College’s principal David ran two sessions per day, followed by team work and group discussion, question and answer time on the sessions. In the evening was a time for fellowship which included games and meals. The people enjoyed this time as it was an opportunity to get to know their other brothers and sisters in Christ from the other connecting churches.

We are planning to have another Pastors Conference next year due to good attendance and the overall encouragement of all the people and churches that attended. Please pray for us that the Lord will help in making this happen. 

God bless,

Pastor San Sara

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