Thriving cell group at Preak Pra

Back in May we first introduced you to the new slum community we have been working with in Preak Pra. We have been demonstrating the love of Christ to the people of this slum through practical help like distributing water filters, bringing medicine, washing the children’s hair with lice shampoo, and building a new toilet for the community (with some help from the local kids) when the old one ‘broke.’

We have also been sharing the good news of Jesus with these people, and have seen nearly the whole population of the slum give their lives to the Lord in a very short space of time.

A few months down the road, and we are running regular cell group meetings in the slum. This is such a valuable ministry opportunity as we seek to disciple our new brothers and sisters in Christ. Pastor Sara and Pastor Vuth provide teaching at the cell group meetings, and the people are so hungry to learn and discuss what it means to follow Jesus.

We would ask that you please keep our brothers and sisters from Preak Pra in your prayers. As young believers living in desperate poverty, they are still learning how to trust God for his provision and guidance. When a crisis strikes one of the families, it can be a strong temptation for them to turn back in fear to their old religious and superstitious beliefs.  We want to see their faith in the true God strengthened, so that they can rely on him no matter what challenges life throws in their path.

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