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New Education Centre!

Dear all, this is our new project at Dong Village and Makak Village - a new small education centre to teach the children of these 2 neighbouring villages. Pastor Vuth and his people will lead this project, and they have named it ‘Light of Hope.’ This project will be managed under the new NGO. So, my dear friend please pray for this […]

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Dear all, this is some pictures from Pai Lin province and Bat Dom Bang province on Song and Sara mission trip. When you see all this pictures please pray for them. They are living in very poor condition, but their heart is for God. Song and myself very enjoy to work on this side with them, […]

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“Craigie Hot Seat”

In the last post, we mentioned that 4 of the staff at Tarsha’s Legacy Centre have now been blessed with sponsors. One of those staff members is a young man named Phearin (nicknamed “Lightning”). He is Assistant Manager of TLC, and is also one of the teachers there. Craigie Baptist Church recently offered to sponsor […]

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More Praise Points!

There are many, many things that we can thank God for right now! Our Donations page is up and running again (better than before!) thanks to our friends at ACCIR. And that is perfect timing, as Sara and Sochea have returned from their 2 week visit to Perth. When Sara and Sochea arrived in Perth only 14 […]

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