“Craigie Hot Seat”

In the last post, we mentioned that 4 of the staff at Tarsha’s Legacy Centre have now been blessed with sponsors. One of those staff members is a young man named Phearin (nicknamed “Lightning”). He is Assistant Manager of TLC, and is also one of the teachers there. Craigie Baptist Church recently offered to sponsor Phearin, and the Craigie Mission Committee have taken a fun and creative approach to raising the funds required for this AUD$150 per month sponsorship.

In the last few days, they held a fundraising event called the “Craigie Hot Seat.” The night was based on the tv show “Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire,” and included a yummy meal. Members of the church brought plenty of friends along, and a total of 100 people attended. There was also a silent auction, so one young guy went home very happy with a brand new Nintendo Wii!

The night was a huge success, and everyone who came along had a great time and left with a tummy full of food. To top it all off, the event raised just over $1,000 which will cover more than 6 months worth of Phearin’s sponsorship!

Special thanks go to the Craigie Mission Committee and the three men in this photo - Luke Harris, David Miller (who played the role of Eddie McGuire) and Peter Thornley. And thanks also to the people of Craigie Baptist Church, who have shown such enthusiastic support.  They are a perfect example of how some enthusiasm and a little bit of creativity can make the world of difference in the life of someone like Phearin (and the lives of all of his students at TLC). Thank you!

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