More Praise Points!

There are many, many things that we can thank God for right now! Our Donations page is up and running again (better than before!) thanks to our friends at ACCIR. And that is perfect timing, as Sara and Sochea have returned from their 2 week visit to Perth.

When Sara and Sochea arrived in Perth only 14 of the 96 children at TLC had sponsorships, and none of the 12 staff had sponsors either. As you might imagine, the situation presented quite a challenge. God had always provided for us one way or another, but now he has really out done himself. We would like to thank the people who came to hear Sara and Sochea speak at venues around Perth – your generosity is such a blessing. And we also want to thank Louise down in Tasmania for all of her tireless work (as always). 

As of today, 75 of the children and 4 of the staff at TLC now have sponsors. Wow! Thank you Lord!

If you are interested in helping to continue the work at TLC by sponsoring one of the remaining 21 kids (AUD$40 per month) or 8 staff members (AUD$150 per month) then please email us at The kids would love to have their own ‘godparent’  who will pray for and support them in their education, and the staff would be so encouraged to see how much their hard work is valued by others.

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