New Education Centre!

Dear all, this is our new project at Dong Village and Makak Village - a new small education centre to teach the children of these 2 neighbouring villages. Pastor Vuth and his people will lead this project, and they have named it ‘Light of Hope.’ This project will be managed under the new NGO. So, my dear friend please pray for this project they really need your prayer.

May God bless you all, Sara 

Dear all, this is the pictures of this past week, we give all bags to kids at TLC for new year school next month also some books to big group that they need alot of writing books at government school too. I hope you guy will enjoy it.

Love, Chea

All of us at Fellowship of Hope are so grateful to God, and would like to thank the supporters and sponsors around the world who are helping us to reach out to many communities across Cambodia. We are so excited at what God is doing, and we trust in him that he will provide all that we need. Your prayers would be much appreciated, as we search for sponsors for 20 more children and 8 staff at TLC. Our next goal will be to develop the Light of Hope centre so that it too can provide a high standard of educational, social and spiritual support to the poorest of the poor in Cambodia.

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