Song and Sara’s mission trip

Dear all, this is some pictures from Pai Lin province and Bat Dom Bang province on Song and Sara mission trip. When you see all this pictures please pray for them. They are living in very poor condition, but their heart is for God.

Song and myself very enjoy to work on this side with them, but while we were in Bat Dom Bang province one of Song’s relatives pass away that very sad for Song and I. Anyways, now we are back to Phnom Penh and Song keep going to see his relatives at his homeland. So, my dear brother and sister please pray for him in this time I know it is very hard time for him. Last night I been encourage him it seem like he understand, but your prayer will be the most important.


I just want to inform you all that FHC now will include two churches in Pai Lin and one church in Bat Dom Bang to our big family Fellowship of Hope. They are young Christians and they need us to help them. The pastoral team in Phnom Penh commit to pray and help them as we are one family in Christ.


May God bless you all.

Best regards,


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