God is changing lives

We would like to share an encouraging story about one of the many lives that we have seen transformed by the love of Christ. In the past this man was not very responsible. To make money for his family, he would travel in to the city to collect and then sell recyclables. But instead of bringing the money home,  he would spend the money on drinking alcohol and come home with no money at all.

In the past few months, God has completely changed this man. He is now very good to his family and very responsible, and he now makes a massive effort of walking two hours (each way) every Sunday to come to church in the city! He wakes up at around 6am, and arrives at the church at 9am. And it’s no walk in the park, because he pulls this cart the whole way to carry his family with him. After church one day, Sara tried to pull the cart but he was worn out after only a few metres. 

This man’s daughter is a student at TLC, and she has a kind and generous sponsor who not only supports her to study, but also recently purchased a bicycle to help the family travel more easily to work, church and school. Praise God for the way that he has been transforming and providing for this family.

Please join us in praying for them, as well as for all of the other equally needy families that we work with across Cambodia!

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