Visiting Bible teachers

We always thank God for the teams who visit us from overseas. They are always made up of people with a variety of gifts and talents, and so God uses them to bless us in so many different ways. Some teach English, some do medical checks and provide medicine for the sick, and some help with the construction of new churches and education centres, among other things.

The reason for the lack of posts lately is because we have had 3 teams visiting over the last 2 months – one from the USA, one from Malaysia and one from Australia. And a major input that these recent teams have made is in teaching the Bible in our young churches.

God has grown Fellowship of Hope Church at such a fast pace. We are constantly seeing new hearts turn to Christ as Saviour, and new churches planted in poor rural villages. During the recent team visits, approximately 40 more people have given their lives to Jesus! With this growth has come the challenge of training new pastors, and giving new Christians a solid foundation in God’s Word.

Most of our church members are unable to read but they are so hungry to learn and grow in their faith. We rely on the verbal teaching and preaching of the Bible, to a large degree by pastors who have little formal education. So visiting Bible teachers and preachers are a treasured resource for us.

It is our hope and prayer that in the future we can see more regular visits from Christians with a heart to teach God’s Word throughout our country. We would love to co-ordinate a year round scripture teaching programme that incorporates visits from overseas teams, as well as regular pastor training conferences. Please join us in praying for God’s provision in this area of need, to help so many new believers grow to maturity in Christ.


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