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As most of you will already know, Fellowship of Hope Church has 3 senior pastors based in Phnom Penh – Vuth, Vuthy and Sara. As a united team, they lead the Phnom Penh congregation, as well as providing oversight and support for all of the other sister congregations spread across Cambodia.  

With God’s blessing, this teamwork has helped FHC to grow in the space of 5 years from one bible study group in a slum to a total of nearly 20 churches. In fact, this growth has been so fast that we haven’t been able to add information about all of the new congregations to the website yet. We are so excited and encouraged to see God’s Word spreading so rapidly in our country, and we thank God for all of the hearts he has saved and new churches that he has planted.

Today we would like to share with you the testimony of Pastor Sara. When Sara visited Australia in July / August this year, he spoke at a number of churches and passionately shared the amazing story of how Christ has rescued him and transformed his life. He also had the opportunity to be interviewed on the local Christian radio station – 98.5 Sonshine FM. If you would like to hear this interview for yourself, click here.

Sara’s story was also published in the local ‘good news’ paper called Challenge. If you want to check it out, just click here. We hope that Sara’s testimony is an encouragement to you, and we will try to add even more good news stories to the Testimonies page before too much longer. God bless you!

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