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One of our most recent reasons to thank God is related to the new Light of Hope education centre. The generous people at Mount Hawthorn Baptist Church (in Perth, Western Australia) have committed to sponsoring a number of teachers this year including Baloo, which will enable him to continue his teaching role at this new centre.

Baloo had already been working tirelessly as a volunteer for many months, riding his motorbike from Phnom Penh to Dong village each day to teach the children. Not only was he giving of his time, but the petrol bill for his motorbike has been a significant expense for him to bear. So we praise God that he has provided a salary for Baloo, because this will not only help to pay his bills, but will also be a huge encouragement to this servant-hearted young Cambodian man.

We are now trusting God for the provision of desks and chairs for the students at Light of Hope, and we know that he hears our prayers and will provide everything that we need to serve him. Below is a message from Pastor Sara, along with photos of some of the students at Light of Hope helping Baloo and Pastor Vuth to insulate their newest classroom.

Dear all, 

Hope you are doing well.

This is one of the project at Dong church called Light of Hope centre, it’s part of Serve Cambodia. Pastor Savuth and Baloo working along side with providing education and other skills to those children.

In fact, they really need help from all of us to pray for this project to keep running well and be able to reach the children through this centre.

Your prayer will be the best to support this project to keep going.

May God bless you all.

Best Regard


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