Visitors from Duncraig Christian Fellowship

Recently we were very happy to welcome a team from Duncraig Christian Fellowship (DCF), led by a long time supporter and much valued friend David Smith from Perth Bible College.

During DCF’s stay a soccer competition was organised. This competition involved 4 teams: DCF, TLC, Fellowship of Hope team, and a team from Harvest of Hope. As one DCF team member put it “the build-up to this competition had been steady during the week and excitement amongst the staff and children from TLC was almost tangible.”

The DCF team acquitted itself well in the early stages by beating the other three teams in the round-robin. But TLC had the final victory in the grand final much to everyone’s happiness and excitement.

5 minutes worth of footage was aired on the local TV news that night, as Sara (through a contact at the network) had invited the news camera crew to cover the competition.

A DCF team member stated “The sheer joy that this victory brought to the kids from the village was a pleasure to watch, as were their post match celebrations.”

Another occasion which brought smiles to everyone’s faces was a trip to the water park. A lot of fun was had by all as the DCF team and the kids from TLC and HOH enjoyed splashing and running around together. This was a great opportunity to grow friendships and enjoy each other’s company. It is a simple treat that these people could never afford to pay for themselves, and a welcome break from the hardships that most of the families experience on a daily basis.

But the visit was about much more than sport. A lot of time was set aside for some very talented puppetry and children’s talks, preaching and heartfelt sharing of some team members’ personal testimonies. It is so amazing that though God’s people may live in many different places around the world, we find that we have so much in common when we share stories of His love and work in our lives! And because Fellowship of Hope church is made up mostly of very ‘young’ Christians, we can learn so much from fellow believers who have received a lifetime of Bible teaching in their churches and families.

New bonds have been formed both on a personal level and between churches, and many of the DCF team members have decided to make a generous ongoing contribution through sponsorships. We were sad to see them go and hope that these encouraging relationships will continue for many years to come. Praise God!

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