2011 Soccer Champions!!!

We have exciting news from the Friendship Soccer Ministry! For the fourth year in a row Friendship Soccer Club has won the Cambodian Christian Soccer League cup!

As you will remember from previous posts, Fellowship of Hope Church is involved in an exciting and flourishing soccer ministry. The aim of the Friendship Soccer Ministry is to provide young men the opportunity to participate in a sport they love (which they couldn’t afford to do themselves), while also teaching them the Gospel and encouraging them that God has a great plan for their life.

Sara says “Our football team played in final game with FMC team and we won, so this is the four time in four years that we win this cup.” The players were so excited that they danced around the cup for joy!

Sara gives the glory to God for this result and says that the most important thing is, “The Lord so good to us to win. More than that is we won the souls as well through sports. This year many boys in our team interest to come to the church. Please keep praying for our soccer boy to receive Jesus in their life.”

Sara also says that the team has been helping players grow spiritually because the team helps to bring together both Cambodian men who love Jesus, as well as those who want to learn more about Him. The team worships God together as well as bonding through their love of sport. This year has seen spiritual growth in a number of the young men, and some of them have made a commitment to follow Jesus for the first time through this ministry. What an amazing way to reach out and connect with the young men of Cambodia!

Thanks to generous donations from our supporters overseas, the ministry pays pitch hire fees and equipment costs, including uniforms, which  these young men simply could not afford. Our increase in players and expansion to a second team this year has seen our costs increase, so we are in need of more funding to continue this work. We trust our Lord for his provision, and we would appreciate the financial support of anyone who shares our passion for this ministry.

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