Happy (belated) Mothers’ Day!

We know that the official day has come and gone already, but we want to take this opportunity to wish all the mothers, children and families who support us a happy Mothers’ Day. We know that in many countries around the world, Mothers’ Day is a time mothers and grandmothers are honoured by their children and receive lots of gifts and acts of service so they know how special they are. We hope that this has been the case for many of you too.

Sadly, in Cambodia many families are living in poverty and this means mothers in Cambodia must fight hard to make a good life and opportunities for their children. A 2008 survey found that for many of the families in poverty, a common strategy to deal with rising prices or a reduced income is for mothers and older sisters to go without food, so that small children can eat. With food prices around the world rising, this is increasingly a reality for Cambodian families. A huge sacrifice is being made by many mothers to ensure their children can survive!

Here at Fellowship of Hope church, it was a very special and emotional Mothers’ Day. Children were “thankful to their mum on Mother’s Day” and showed their love and gratitude to these loving, strong women with a very special act, washing their mothers’ feet. They followed the example of Jesus, who washed the feet of His disciples to show His service and love for them. What a beautiful way for people who have nothing material to give but want to show the special place that their mother has in their heart.

Women gave testimonies about things that God had been doing in their lives and sang songs together. The mothers also received flowers and prayed together, and some of their children stood up in the church and said thankyou to their mothers and asked forgiveness for any bad things that had happened in the past. We praise God for the way that he is transforming whole families with his love.

We know that the children of Cambodia are its future. We believe the best way to help families is to provide the children with opportunities to be educated and to provide their mothers with a way to help support their family, such as the Happy Village Products sewing project. Thank you for your kindness and generosity in helping to make all of these projects possible. We pray that God would bless all of you and your families – especially all of the mothers out there.

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