Light of Hope Update

As well as all of the building that has been going on at Harvest of Hope centre, the Light of Hope centre in Takeo province has also had a make-over. Earlier this year, some very generous sponsors from Tasmania helped to expand, improve and fit out LOH. The result is that the students at LOH can now benefit from a vastly improved learning environment, and along with their teachers can be much more comfortable in Cambodia’s hot and often rainy climate.

Since January this year, two part-time teachers have been employed to work at Light of Hope thanks to the sponsorship of a church in Western Australia. So we are very aware (and grateful too!) of God’s hand in providing for all that is needed to establish this new education centre.

To top it all off, a well has also been provided so that the children and their families in the village have access to clean drinking water.

To see heaps more photos, and to read a little more about Light of Hope centre, just click on the ‘Projects’ tab at the top of this page, or click on this link. Please pray for God’s continued blessing and provision for this centre, so that the underprivileged in Cambodia can have a brighter future.

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