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We would like to share some new developments that are happening in the Kian Klieng community. You may remember that they are a community (of around 24 families) living in very poor conditions near an abbatoir in Phnom Penh. We have had the privilege of seeing many people in this community come to know Christ, and with help from our friends we have been able to provide them with some practical assistance.

Recently, the people at Kian Klieng were told they would be evicted later in the year. This was a real concern for the community and for us at Fellowship of Hope, but God is good and always provides. Because of the generosity of faithful supporters, it has been possible to buy a block of land near Harvest of Hope where these families can be accommodated. This will mean that their children can attend the education program at HOH, and it is also a great location for the adults who will have access to more job opportunities. Something which began as problem will become a blessing and a new beginning for these people.

Currently there is a lot of planning and fundraising happening for the construction of homes on the block of land, and a team from Perth is planning to come and help with the construction. Much experience was gained when relocating families to the new Happy Village a few years ago, and this will help to make the latest relocation much easier.

We have been touched to see how the Holy Spirit works in people’s hearts around the world, prompting his people can support each other. We recently were told the story of a 9 year old girl who visited Kian Klieng early this year. After returning home, she was so upset to hear about the imminent eviction that Рwith no prompting from adults Рshe and her friend began a fundraising stall to raise money for the relocation. Their love and support is a huge encouragement, as well as being very helpful for the families that they care so much about.

So many people have given so generously, and we know that this will have a real and lasting impact for the people of Kian Klieng. Thank you all for your support, and please continue to pray as the planning and fundraising continue.

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