FHC Soccer Cup

Today we have another exciting new program to tell you all about. Fellowship of Hope Church recently held a 3 day soccer competition in Phnom Penh. The purpose was so that boys and young men from the provinces, different slums and education centres under Fellowship of Hope Church and Serve Cambodia could meet together to play in mixed teams during the day time. This meant they were able to build relationships with those that they met and played alongside. They all stayed at the church together each night, and had the opportunity to be taught God’s word and be encouraged in the evenings by Pastor Vuthy, Pastor Vuth and Pastor Sara. This is a program that we have organised and run for the first time this year, and it was a huge success.

Sara said that “the football cup it went very well, and most of the kids got a new experience and understand friendship. They worshipped God and had fun time with sports, so that make them very enjoy and the most important thing is they experienced God’s love while they lived together. I love to work with them and to build them up with the very good foundation of Christ, because those guys will replace us one day for sure. My friends please pray for these young guys so that they can get a very good future.” Praise God that the young men were able to experience such great encouragement and fun together!

As well as joining us in praising God for the work he is doing in so many lives in Cambodia, please also uphold Sara in your prayers. Unfortunately he strained his back the day before the FHC Soccer Cup started, so after training the boys and leading the on-field side of the program for 3 days he was in quite a lot of pain. We ask that the Lord would heal his back quickly and completely!

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