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Alongside the serious and life changing work that Serve Cambodia is involved in, there are also a lot of fun activities for everyone. We believe that getting to play and enjoy life while learning is a really important part of these projects. It is also important for the children to learn day to day life skills, that many people in more developed countries take for granted. So much knowledge about these things was lost due to the previous regime and so this new generation needs to learn many things together for the first time.

We are happy that Serve Cambodia can help to meet this need, and we are sure you will be excited to see some photos of their beautiful smiles as the children learn and play together. First of all is the Fire Safety training. Instructors visited TLC and HOH, and this gave the children a good chance to run around and practice their drills… including Stop, Drop and Roll!

Recently, the children at the TLC education centre have been able to enjoy some ‘Fun Friday’ activities. This is an opportunity for the children to learn practical skills like cooking, craft and sewing and also have some silent reading time. The children really enjoy this time of being creative together and as you can see, the results look very good and also very tasty!

Not to forget the hard working cooks - while they were taking a break from their usual work, they were presented with brand new uniforms.

While the TLC children have been learning cooking and sewing, children at the HOH centre are being taught about brushing and taking care of their teeth for the first time. They also recently received checkups and health care from two wonderful health workers, Amanda and Katrina. We really appreciate the time that they have given to help care for these children.

Sochea (Serve Cambodia’s Education and Finance Manager) asks all of you to please “keep praying for our children to be healthy and love God more and more. We’re really bless to have all of you to support us.” Thank you from all of us at Fellowship of Hope and Serve Cambodia for your prayers and support, and we hope you enjoy seeing the result of your generosity and God’s provision as the children learn and grow together.

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