Please pray for our churches in the provinces of Cambodia

Here at Fellowship of Hope, we are excited to see new growth and more people coming to know the Lord all the time. Today we would like to share with you about our churches in the provinces. These rural congregations are growing rapidly but are also facing many challenges. This is true of both the congregations and their pastors too.

Being a pastor is a challenging job, no matter where you live in the world. Pastors give so much to their church. They give of their time and their energy as they preach, teach and encourage their people. This is true of all our pastors, but the pastors who live in the provinces have some additional challenges. Many of the people in the rural areas of Cambodia live difficult lives, working hard to farm the land. Many are working on rice fields and making a very small income. In many instances this amount is not enough to adequately feed their families. Pastors in these areas teach their congregations and work hard to help them. In many cases this is a big job which takes up much of their time, as the communities have many needs. This means pastors have limited time to work to earn their own income. They are selflessly following in the example of Paul the apostle who worked as a tent maker to support his ministry, so he wouldn’t be a burden to those he was preaching to.

In addition to this, our pastors take seriously the Lord’s command to share generously with those around them. This means that if a member of the community comes to the pastor in need, he will do all he can to meet that need, even if that affects him and his family. This is the way our pastors sacrifice for their people to show God’s love. So, as you can imagine, our pastors need our help and support.

As you have seen in previous posts, the pastors have had opportunities to meet together, to receive teaching, prayer and encouragement, and that will continue in the future. We are planning to grow the amount of training and support they receive from early next year. Also, we are exploring ways to help pastors make an income that can sustain their ministry, set a good example to their community, and provide for their families needs into the future. This means they are able to be supported, but can also be free and independant. And thanks to the support of our friends and partners we are in the process of equipping every congregation with a significant amount of Bibles and other teaching resources.

Please pray for our pastors, that God would give them energy and strength and wisdom for the work they are doing. Pray for wisdom and discernment for Fellowship of Hope, as we explore ways to support our congregations practically, in leadership training, and with Bible teaching resources. Praise God for the blessing that these pastors are in their communities. Praise God for rapid growth and expansion of these rural churches. Even though these people are materially poor, now they are rich in God’s love for them and for one another, and they have hope for this life and hope for the future. Praise God for vibrant, growing churches where more and more meet the Lord every day!

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