Sewing Project Update

Christmas time is just a few weeks away, and we are very excited that soon we will start celebrating the birth of Jesus! We hope you are enjoying this busy but joyous time of year. We are also excited about the many new things happening to improve the lives of our people here in Cambodia. We would like to share with you about the new developments happening with Serve Cambodia’s sewing project.

As you may know, the sewing project produces a variety of items (such as colourful mobiles, children’s stuffed toys, bags, etc.) under the name of Happy Village Products. It began with a few women at Old Happy Village who had a desire to learn to sew as a means of supporting their families. It quickly grew to double the size and continues to grow. It is wonderful to see the sense of self worth and the opportunities these women gain through their work in the project. They quickly outgrew their original sewing space and soon will outgrow their current sewing room.

But God continues to bless this project through the help of Mission Direct, who plan to come early next year to build a new and larger sewing room to accommodate the project. We are also pleased to announce that God has blessed the project so much (in large part through the tireless promotional work of our dear friend Trish Willans in Australia), that a new staff member has been added to the team.

Serve Cambodia has recently been able to employ a new sewing manager! This young Cambodian lady is an experienced vocational trainer who also has experience working in the area of women’s development. She will be able to help the women continue to improve their skills and is helping them look for new markets to sell products locally in Cambodia.

Praise God for the continuing growth of this life changing project. One of the team members says, “We all love to do this thing so much” and they “hope you love [to learn more about it] too.” They also ask that you continue to pray for them. Pray that they will continue to grow in their work and most importantly that these women will know that God loves and cares for them always. And finally, please also pray for the Christmas markets that the Happy Village Products team will be attending soon in Phnom Penh – They hope that they will sell many products at their stall!

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