Kian Klieng update

We are happy to share some good news about Serve Cambodia’s ongoing project with the Kian Klieng community (some photos of which are featured in our 2012 fundraising calendar which is still available to purchase – see the previous blog post). As you may remember, there are a number of families living in very poor conditions near an abbatoir on the edge of Phnom Penh. The aim of this project is to relocate most of them to a block of land in Prey Sor (near Harvest of Hope) and the rest to the remaining land in Happy Village.

We are pleased to tell you that plans are now completed and work has now begun on the foundations. An Australian architect kindly donated his time to prepare and refine building plans for both sites, which has been a real blessing.

Just prior to Christmas the foundations at Happy Village were completed. The work has now turned to building equally large and strong foundations at Prey Sor. The site at Prey Sor will then be filled up to a slightly higher level which will help reduce the effect of flooding common to the area around HOH.

In the new year, 24 new homes will be constructed across these two sites, some for larger families and some smaller homes for couples and small families. These will all be modest in size but will provide a much safer, cleaner and healthier environment for these families to live in compared to their current situation.

Fundraising is still continuing and there is still work to do in order to raise the funds needed to build all the homes. Any donations towards this building project would be greatly appreciated. (Use the WR084 Serve Cambodia option via ACCIR if you would like to support this project financially).

Thankyou so much to all the people who have been working tirelessly to raise money for this project to date. Praise God this project has already come so far. We trust in His provision for the people of Kian Klieng.

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