Trip to Tasmania

As Christmas approaches, we begin to think about spending time with family and friends. And one of Fellowship of Hope’s 3 senior pastors, Sara, had the opportunity to spend some time with friends and supporters in Tasmania recently. One year ago, Sara was able to do the same thing in Perth, Western Australia. That was a great opportunity to build links between Fellowship of Hope Church and other church congregations in Perth. Sara was able to spend time in Perth sharing his story, sharing about what God is doing in Cambodia, and raising awareness of the need for more child sponsorships at Serve Cambodia’s education centres. This year it was time to do the same in Tasmania.

Before he left, Sara was given a loving send off by family and friends in Phnom Penh. When he arrived in Tasmania, Sara was able to share in a number of schools and churches, who were happy to hear both his testimony as well as the developments going on in Serve Cambodia’s projects and the many new churches who have become part of Fellowship of Hope.

One evening Sara was able to speak at a Christian businessmen’s association dinner and the guests were very impressed with what he had to share. Some of the people who heard him speak decided to sponsor kids at TLC and HOH which will be a great blessing for those projects. Sara also met with key supporters and volunteers from Tasmania to discuss the relocation of people from Kian Klieng to new land at Prey Sor (near Harvest of Hope), as well as answer any questions that they had.

But it wasn’t all work for Sara! He enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Tasmania, the yummy food and the valuable time of building closer relationships.

He also made a touching and emotional visit to the grave of Natarsha Charlesworth – Tarsha’s memory is very dear to us, and her passion for serving God and helping the poor lives on at Tarsha’s Legacy Centre (TLC) which was named in her honour.

Thankyou to everyone who was involved in Sara’s trip and thankyou to the many people who cared for him, and hosted him in their homes while he was there.

Praise God for the valuable team work between people who live far apart but share the same heart for the poor in Cambodia. God has blessed us incredibly by making us all part of his huge family in Christ.

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