600 people in the first 6 months!

God is doing some amazing things here in Cambodia and we would like to share with you about a new Fellowship of Hope church that is growing rapidly! The church began with a lady called Navi. She travelled to Phnom Penh last year because she was joining in with some pastors training led by Pastor Vuth, Pastor Vuthy and Pastor Sara. And while she was in the city, she also went to the hospital for some health checks – she had been very sick and needed some tests to be done.

The doctor called Navi in to discuss the test results, and told her that her body was full of cancer – it was terminal, and the doctor said she would only live another 3 months. He told her not to waste her money on treatment, because she would definitely die in the next 3 months, and nothing could be done to help her. He advised her to just spend time with her family before she died. But Navi just smiled at the doctor and said, “My God will take care of me!”

Navi then went to Sara, Vuth and Vuthy, and told them about the diagnosis. She said that before she died, she wanted to serve God by planting a church in her home town. The 3 senior pastors agreed with her plan, and they laid hands on her and prayed for her. Then they finished the training course and sent her home to start her mission.

When Navi started her mission in her home town, the whole town knew about her diagnosis because her family had told them about it. They knew that the doctor had said she would definitely die in the next 3 months, and all of the people felt so sorry for her. Navi walked from house to house in the village, telling the people about God’s love and care for them, and about how they can find salvation. Some people were interested, but most people only listened to her because they wanted her to feel happy before she died and didn’t want to disappoint her. Navi also invited many of the children to come to her house to learn Christian songs and Bible verses. Navi did this work all day, every day, and after 1 month the church had 100 new believers!

3 months came and went very quickly, and all of the people in the village were so surprised that Navi was still alive. She was still witnessing to people all day, every day, and she still looked healthy. When would she die? All of the people in the village came to her and asked her, “Why are you still alive and still working every day???” to which Navi once again replied, “My God will take care of me. He knows my time to leave the earth.” From that point in time, Navi started to lay hands on sick people in the village and the people were healed. There were many miracles of healing, and also casting out demons from people that nobody else had been able to help for many years. EVERYONE was talking about Navi’s story by that time, and the new church exploded in size. At the 6 month mark there were 600 people in the church, all new Christians!

Around the time that the first 3 months had passed, Navi went back to Phnom Penh to the hospital, to see the same doctor who diagnosed her with terminal cancer. She wanted another checkup and a new round of tests. When she met with the doctor to look at her test results, the doctor said to her, “I’m very sad to see you here, because 3 months ago I met your sister. I was so sad to tell her that she had too much cancer and would die very soon.” But Navi replied, “I don’t have a sister! It’s me!” But the doctor was shocked, and asked her how she could be the same person, because he had looked at her new test results and she didn’t have any cancer at all! It was all gone. Navi replied to the doctor, “Praise my God who takes care of me! His name is Jesus.” The doctor asked Navi many questions about this Jesus who had healed her, and it wasn’t long before he gave his life to Christ.

At Christmas time in Navi’s church, they had a big celebration service with around 1,000 people attending from the local area. Guests included the local commune chief (local government / village chief) who also gave his life to Christ and is now very supportive of the church. Sara met with this commune chief and some other government officials during the Christmas period, and they told him that they 100% support this new church.

All of the people in this new church are very young Christians, but their faith is already amazingly strong, passionate and mature. The Holy Spirit is moving so powerfully through that congregation that God has even performed powerful miracles through the prayers of some of the young children. In fact, most of the worship team is made up of young children who cry as they worship God.

At the beginning of this year the church had reached about 700 members and is continuing to grow and flourish. Such an incredible story of a God who heals and saves His people! And we have been so blessed that a number of supporters overseas have recently donated money so that we can buy a large amount of new Bibles, Bible commentaries and other teaching and childrens ministry resources to help minister to this congregation and all of the others that we work with across Cambodia. Praise God!

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