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Check out how smart the students and staff look in their new uniforms! Recently all of the Serve Cambodia staff were provided with new uniforms, including the managers, teachers, cooks, cleaners and the ladies who work on the sewing project. This gives a feel of unity for the staff and looks great, as you can see! The children at TLC and HOH […]

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Recently the children at Serve Cambodia’s education centres have been making special thankyou cards to send to their sponsors in Australia and around the world. They wrote and decorated messages of love and appreciation to their sponsors, who have made it possible for them to attend either Tarsha’s Legacy Centre or Harvest of Hope. The children value their […]

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We would like to wish everyone a Happy Khmer New Year from Fellowship of Hope! Officially, Khmer New Year was celebrated from the 13th to the 15th of April, but the occasion was celebrated for much longer than just the 3-day public holiday. The children at TLC and HOH were also excited to celebrate with their […]

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