Khmer New Year Celebrations at TLC and HOH

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Khmer New Year from Fellowship of Hope! Officially, Khmer New Year was celebrated from the 13th to the 15th of April, but the occasion was celebrated for much longer than just the 3-day public holiday. The children at TLC and HOH were also excited to celebrate with their classmates and teachers. This was a time all the children and staff could have fun together before travelling to their ‘home towns’ in the countryside for a week-long holiday with extended family.

At TLC, students had a great time playing many different games together. Some of these were traditional Khmer games which have been played for many years in the past, and some activities like the three legged race and games with balloons and soccer balls were new ones to try. The children really enjoyed all the games and lined up with excitement to wait for their turn.

At HOH, the students also enjoyed games with balls and balloons. Plus they played some games which were all about teaching the children team unity and how to work together. The games were followed by a big celebration meal. As the children come from poor families, it is a huge delight for them to join in with a large group celebration like this one.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported Serve Cambodia’s work over the years. We are so grateful to God that so many children can be blessed through the TLC and HOH education centres.

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