New uniforms for all students and staff

Check out how smart the students and staff look in their new uniforms! Recently all of the Serve Cambodia staff were provided with new uniforms, including the managers, teachers, cooks, cleaners and the ladies who work on the sewing project. This gives a feel of unity for the staff and looks great, as you can see!

The children at TLC and HOH were also excited to get their new shirts – but most excited of all were the students at Light of Hope education centre because this is the first time they have had uniforms! This shows them very visibly that they are included as part of the Serve Cambodia family. It is also an encouraging sign of things to come for Light of Hope, as this education will be developed and supported further in the future, once all of the HOH children have sponsors. As you can see, the education centre is already bringing a lot of hope and joy to these children.

Another encouraging thing about these new uniforms is that the ladies in the Happy Village sewing project were able to use their new t-shirt making skills and upgraded sewing machines to sew the HOH shirts. They also sewed the elegant blue shirts now worn by Serve Cambodia’s female staff. They will continue to receive more training, and in future the plan is for them to sew and screen print all of the Serve Cambodia uniforms for the staff and the three education centres. This is great for their skill development, and also great for the sustainability of Serve Cambodia’s projects.

Thankyou, as always, for your continued support which helps to make all of Serve Cambodia’s work possible. Praise God that the education centres continue to grow and develop every day, and that the sewing project is moving from strength to strength!

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