New Library Books and Church Resources

The children learning in Serve Cambodia’s education centres were delighted to discover recently that they now have lots of new books to enjoy and learn from! Shelving and children’s books have been generously donated for the centres and these will be a real blessing for the children.

Most of the childrens’ families are unable to afford books and in Cambodia children don’t have easy access to borrow free books from a local library. These new resources will mean they have even more exposure to educational books which will help to speed up their learning and, of course, they now have lots of new stories to enjoy!

The pastors of the 37 Fellowship of Hope churches around Cambodia have also recently received new books and resources. Large resource packs have been generously donated for each congregation including Bibles, commentaries, theology books, training material, childrens’ Bibles, story books and worship resources. This will be an amazing blessing for these hungry, young churches all around Cambodia. And it will make a huge difference to their pastors as they help so many young Christians to grow and know more about God’s word.

Thankyou so much to those who have responded to these needs and helped to make these things possible. And thankyou to the many other people who have also provided support, prayers, donations and resources during the first half of this year. We thank God every day that he has blessed us with the support of so many wonderful people.

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