New Arrivals In Happy Village

Stage 1 of the relocation from Kian Klieng is complete!

Thanks to many months of hard work from staff, construction workers, fundraising groups, visiting teams and local vonunteers, the first 8 new homes in Happy Village are now both complete and also occupied with their new residents!

As promised on Friday, here are some photos of the new arrivals (and you can see even more on our Facebook page).

These 8 families are so blessed to now have a safe, clean, comfortable new community to live in. And among other things they also now have access to education for their children, and support and training for the parents.

Another BIG thankyou to everyone who has contributed to this wonderful new start for so many people, and all of the praise to our loving God who knows what we need and is faithful to provide!

Now on to Stage 2!

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