Pastors and Youth Training Conference 2012

In 2012 at Fellowship of Hope Church we have been blessed with another amazing opportunity for our pastors to receive training. David Smith, Adam Niven and Shevaun Rowsell from PBC, together with Adrian Van Leen of Concerned Christian Growth Ministries, led FHC’s third annual conference, and this year the youth leaders were also able to receive special training to encourage them specifically in their ministry.

The conference was held in Siem Reap from July 9th to July 13th and included 71 Cambodian pastors, small group leaders and assistants plus 32 youth leaders, making 103 participants in all. The conference covered topics such as church leadership, marriage and relationships, and discerning false teaching. These sessions were accompanied by workshops to help take everyone deeper into God’s word and to ensure they had a clear understanding from scripture.

One of the amazing  things about the conference is that it gives the churches an opportunity to connect and worship together. This is the only opportunity that all of FHC’s pastors and youth leaders have to get together as one group each year. It was a wonderful time of deepening relationships, joy and growth for those returning, plus a time of excitement, participation and belonging for those attending for the first time.

There were some special times of encouragement for the leaders, one of which was an opportunity to encourage each other by washing one anothers feet (as Jesus did with his disciples) and there was also a time of baptism. 7 people were baptised, committing themselves to God and his work.

The participants also each received a certificate to show they attended the conference. Cambodian people LOVE getting certificates! As you can see this was an exciting time for those involved and helped them to feel loved and included as part of the leadership team.

Thankyou to all our generous supporters who invested into the lives of these pastors and leaders, and into the work of God in Cambodia. We also have a special certificate for you, to show our appreciation for your help!

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