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Recently, Cambodia has experienced an outbreak of disease which has caused the deaths of around 6o Cambodian children. Reports from the World Health Organisation suggest the disease is the EV71 virus, which is a common cause of hand, foot and mouth disease. Typically this only causes cold like symptoms, but in rare cases it can lead to severe neurological disease. There is no treatment for the virus, but proper hygiene can prevent infection spreading, so the Cambodian government shut down all schools and education centres for a few weeks to help prevent the virus spreading.

This meant that Serve Cambodia’s education centres were also closed, so teachers and support workers used their time to visit the homes of the students. They were able to check on the well being of the children, promote good hygiene and also use the time to encourage the families. The staff visited many homes and listened to what everyone had to say. They learnt more about the family situations of the children they work with and the needs of their families.  This was a great way to build stronger relationships with the families, particularly with the parents and grandparents.

We are so grateful that God protected both the children who attend the education centres and the children of Fellowship of Hope’s churches, and also that the staff were able to use this opportunity to show God’s love to the communities in which they work.

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