New teaching program and resources at TLC

TLC continues to grow and develop with the introduction of a new program to teach children and train teachers. The new curriculum sets out an improved program for teachers and students to follow so that they know what they should cover each day for maximum learning over the course of the year.

The children were also given new lesson books, note books, pens, pencils and rulers to help them with their study. At  the moment the teachers at TLC are concentrating on improving the children’s English skills, particularly on their reading and vocubulary.

They have also been given new uniforms for government school and are very happy to be going back to their studies in Cambodia’s  new school year.

Thankyou to all the sponsors for your valuable support of these children who are now looking towards a brighter future. Quality education and hope in the Lord are the 2 most valuable things that they can be equipped with for a strong start in life.

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