Staff election, team building and respects for the King

It has been a time of change recently for the staff of Serve Cambodia. The amount of students in Serve Cambodia’s education centres have grown significantly with the new families from Kian Klieng slum, and new staff members are being hired to meet this need.  A new manager is also needed at Harvest of Hope, ready to take on the challenge of implementing new teaching curriculum and programs over the course of the new Cambodian school year.

So the decision was made that the 3 candidates to be the new manager would give a presentation to the other Serve Cambodia staff, presenting their skills, motivation, qualifications and vision for the centre.

The staff all voted and elected Mr Sor Sokchan to lead the HOH centre. Sokchan has studied at university, has qualifications as a nurse and is very strong in people skills, communication and all of the subjects taught as part of the new curriculum. He will be able to introduce the new curriculum we mentioned in the last post about TLC, will take a leading role in dealing with the medical needs in that community, and utilising the medical room located within HOH.

The voting and selection process was a great learning experience for the staff, as they could see the decision was made transparently and was based on merit, which is often not the way of the world around them. Also, it was culturally helpful for the staff to own the decision as a community and be motivated by the part they play in the team.

Another positive activity for the staff was three days of training and team building held from the 18th to the 20th of October. Staff participated in team building exercises, training on team work skills and more. This was a great time of bonding with newly hired staff members and making them feel welcome and part of the team.

As you can see, the three days of training was a time of fun and excitement for the staff, however there was a note of sadness as they paid their respects to the former king of Cambodia, King Sihanouk, who had just passed away.

Despite our sadness we are blessed to serve Jesus Christ, a King who lives forever. And we also pray for God to bless the royal family of our country.

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