New church building project complete

If you have seen our Facebook page recently, you will have seen many photos of the new homes that have been completed for the poor in Prey Sor. Soon we will write a story for you with more information about that. But today we would like to tell you about a new church building has been generously constructed for the big Fellowship of Hope congregation in Bantey Meanchey Province. This church has grown rapidly since it started last year. People in the province have been excited to hear the story of Navi, who was healed from cancer and many people have come to know Jesus through her story (you can read our blog post about this by clicking here). The church is now attended by around 1,200 new Christians, excited to learn more about God!

The new building was built by a group of Christians from Korea and as well as being a great location for the growing church to meet in, it is also a great place for training sessions and gatherings for all of the smaller churches that have been planted in that province.

These Korean Christians have said that they are happy to be able to give the money for the whole church building, they don’t want anything in return, apart from seeing the Fellowship of Hope church name on the building and a big cross on the roof so that people in the area can see the symbol of Christ’s love from far away.

At the end of October, around 30 local leaders and pastors met in the new building, together with pastors Sara, Vuth and Vuthy from Phnom Penh. They met to discuss the developing structure of Fellowship of Hope Church and its many congregations, plus Serve Cambodia and its many projects. They also built relationships and unity together and took time to do bible training and worship God together. The new church building is already a blessing to Fellowship of Hope church.

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