Fundraising Appeal Update – End of November 2012

We would like to take this opportunity to praise God for His amazing provision so far this year.  It truly has been an incredible 2012!

Between January and November, our generous supporters have blessed us with one new Serve Cambodia staff sponsorship for an extra teacher, a huge number of new child sponsorships which have in turn enabled our education centres to provide opportunities for more children to study, enough money to run all of Serve Cambodia’s projects so far this year, and increased teaching resources and support for the many Fellowship of Hope pastors around Cambodia!

To top it all off the entire budget of over AUD$100,000 for the relocation of families from the Kien Kliang slum has been received, with the families now settled in their new homes, along with more than AUD$13,000 to cover other needs that were previously unfunded.  All of this is making a huge difference to so many families and individuals across Cambodia!

We would love for you to pray with us that God would continue to provide for the needs of all our people and projects as this year quickly comes to an end.  Serve Cambodia’s projects are continuing to grow at an amazing pace and there are still a number of ongoing needs, which include:

* Staff sponsorships for an administrative worker, two teachers, three cooks and two cleaners, which each cost AUD$150 per month.

* There are now 105 students at Tarsha’s Legacy Centre and only 5 still need sponsors, while there are 85 at Harvest of Hope and only 14 of these still need sponsors!  These sponsorships cost AUD$40 per month, and once these children are sponsored we will be able to extend the program to the Light of Hope centre, which will bring amazing blessing and opportunity to the nearly 100 students there!

*Approximately AUD$6,000 is still needed to help cover Serve Cambodia’s unfunded operational expenses for 2012, without which our community development projects simply can’t run. These costs include outreach at the Light of Hope education centre, transportation costs, staff health insurance, internet connections, public liability and building insurance, uniforms, community work in Happy Village and Prey Sor, family seminars etc.

*AUD$4,300 for a staff training retreat that we hope to run in the next few months. The aim of this is to not only improve our staff’s skills and teamwork, but to thank them for the incredible job they’ve done in the past year.

*AUD$1,200 for a projector/screen to help with training and education.

We give thanks to our God for his faithfulness in providing for us in 2012 so far!

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