Celebration time at TLC!

Recently Tarsha’s Legacy Centre celebrated it’s fifth birthday! This was a very special time for all the staff, students and families to celebrate together. As you can see, it was filled with lots of fun and a chance for students to show off the skills that TLC has helped to teach them. The students were able to show their dancing, music, language and craft skills to help to celebrate their time at TLC.

Because of TLC, many students who would otherwise be too poor to access good education are able to come to the education centre and learn skills that will help them to have a bright future. It is a great blessing TLC has reached it’s fifth birthday, despite the many challenges that every community project like this faces over its lifetime.

It was also a special blessing that Catherine Charlesworth (the mother of Tarsha, who TLC is named after), was able to attend as guest of honour and share with everyone the story of Tarsha’s life and the legacy she left behind. We think that Tarsha would be so excited and proud to see the work that has been done in her name over the past 5 years at this centre, and hearing directly from Catherine was a fitting way to recognise that.

Thankyou to the many people who sponsor, support and show their love to the children and staff of TLC! And thanks to our God, because through his love and provision all of these things have been made possible.

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