Showing Love to the Community

Near Harvest of Hope education centre in the Prey Sor area, there are many poor families and the staff of Serve Cambodia are keen to help these families in any way they can.

There are some poor families who have been squatting in an old disused centre. The centre was once set up by an overseas organisation to help people with HIV but it seems the organisation ran out of money and left the area quite a few years ago. So Serve Cambodia has stepped in and will assist in relocating these families to new homes nearby.

The local government appreciates and respects the work that Serve Cambodia is doing in the area to care for the poor, so they have asked Serve Cambodia to help refurbish the old HIV centre and give it a new purpose to benefit the local community further. How it will be used hasn’t yet been determined but consultation with the local community is taking place as the first step.

Meanwhile, while the relocation is taking place Serve Cambodia’s staff are showing God’s love to the families by sharing food with them, building relationships with them and learning more about their needs. Thankyou to the donors who help us to give this practical help to people in need.

Please pray that God will grant wisdom to the Board of Serve Cambodia. They want this project to be well planned, meet the needs of the community and fit well alongside the existing projects that are already running.

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