4th Fellowship of Hope Pastors Conference

July 1-5 this year was the week for the 4th Pastors Conference for the leaders of the Fellowship of Hope (FOH) churches in Cambodia. Since 2010 Perth Bible College (PBC) together with the FOH churches have conducted an annual pastors conference focussed on building up the leaders in their faith and ministry. This is the only time each year that the leaders of all FOH churches are able to meet.

This year the conference was held at the beachside city of Sihanoukville and included a larger number of youth leaders. In all over 150 leaders together with the PBC team of 15 attended. For many it was their first conference for others it was the first time to see the sea.

The main conference sessions focussed on the book of Ephesians and were led by Mr David Smith (PBC Principal) and Mr Adam Niven (PBC Lecturer). The sessions were entitled:

* Blessed In Christ

* Life in Christ

* Together in Christ

* Growing in Christ

* Living in Christ

Each main session was followed by discussion time facilitated by the Cambodian leaders. Topical workshops were also conducted by members of the PBC team as well as FOH church leaders. These workshops included topics such as “How to do a devotion”, How to share your faith”, “Restorative Justice” and “Living the Christian Life”.

Each afternoon was a mixture of community building and fierce team competition where each workshop group transformed for battle in beachside games. The evening sessions of Worship and teaching were taken by the FOH Senior Pastors, Sara San, Ros Savuth, So Vuthy.  Other highlights included the presentation by Mr Clifton Smith of sets of Khmer commentaries to 20 pastors and the baptism of 12 people in an afternoon seaside celebration.  The final night was a wonderful time of celebration which included the cap and gown PBC Graduation of Shevaun Rowsell (who had missed her Perth ceremony), the presentation of certificates for all participants, and the announcement of the team competition winner – blue group.

Through this work the churches are strengthened, the community of believers is encouraged – knowing they are part of a bigger picture of God at work across their country, and the next generation of youth is able to hear the call on their lives to stand and be counted – to lead their people into the future for Christ.

We want to thank all who have financially and prayerfully supported this vital and ongoing work for God’s glory. Below is a thank you letter to all who supported the conference – please click on it so see a larger copy.

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