Sports Day training at TLC

In these couple weeks all the Children in TLC are really busy with practicing their sports. All the children are enjoying these sports a lot. Most of the children are involve with the different games because they think it’s very fun.

We’ve got some boys in Happy Village be the coach for the other students. Teachers also involve with them to help too, especially teachers have prepared the place for them to practice. We have set up games like, volleyball, football, relay, spoon and egg, sprint, three legs run, javelin, the best thing is we’ve got girl students team playing volley ball and football.

A lot of children come to ask the teacher, what day is the sport day and when is it coming? Even though they’re so busy with their studying at government school but they still take time to come to practise. They really have passion about sport as they’re even practising their sports under the rain. It is encouraged the trainers so much.

The trainers are also having a very high commitment to train the students when they stand to watch they’re playing. During the time of practicing, we can see to all children they are smile, laugh, joyful and happy. They hope that it will be an achieved the result at the end. The main purpose is we want to see all children have healthy life, strong body and fellowship with other students. Our perspective is also want all children know about the advantages and important of sports so through that time all children are learning from each other in unity and to capture their own vision and needed. Now children are waiting for the day of competition. They hope they’ll win the game. They’ll compete with two other centres from HOH and LOH.

All the teachers have noticed that, all the children try their best as well as they can and we see they’re growing. There are a lot of other activities of children. Here are some photos of all children’s activities of their practising.

By Phanna Hun, TLC Centre Manager

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