New equipment and parent home visits at Harvest of Hope

Harvest of Hope education centre is changing and developing every day due to the hard work of the staff and the generosity of supporters. Recently the education centre was able to add some new play equipment and outdoor furniture for the students to enjoy, as well as redecorate many of the classrooms. As you can see, this will give the children a brighter and better place to learn and make education more enjoyable for them. And of course the slides are a big hit with everyone!

The staff have also been working hard visiting the parents of their students. This is a very important job and something they try to do regularly across all the Serve Cambodia education centres. It is important for the parents to feel involved and committed to their child’s education, so they will continue to send the children to school. It also helps the community to feel loved and cared for by Serve Cambodia’s staff, so that they can share God’s love with the childrens’ families.

Thanks so much to the donors who contributed and to the staff for all their hard work.


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