Teachers learn and grow through training

One of the many things Serve Cambodia would like to achieve is to give their staff members further education on an ongoing basis. This means that the quality of education that the children receive improves and it also gives staff members a chance to develop their careers.

Serve Cambodia’s projects aim to leave the legacy of a more educated community in Cambodia as a whole, and if for any reason staff members ever need to move to a different part of the country, then they would leave with a better chance of finding a good job to support themselves and their families. They would also be confident that they can continue to make a big contribution to the development of their country.

One of the ways to do this is to partner with other organisations who provide staff training programs. Our partner organisation ACC International Relief made it possible recently for Serve Cambodia’s staff to join in with other community development organisations for a teacher training workshop in Phnom Penh.

As the smiles on their faces show, it was a very enjoyable experience for the staff. They took part in modules focusing on educational games, skills for teaching English, writing and mathematics, as well as team building activities. There was also time for some encouraging devotions and sharing a meal together.

Praise God that we are able to work together with other like-minded teams to build hope for the future of everyone in Cambodia.

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