Parent Teacher Interviews

Here are some recent pictures of parent/teacher meetings at Serve Cambodia’s education centres. These meetings are now being held after each of the 4 terms during the school year for students at TLC and HOH centres, plus soon at LOH centre as well. Good education is the way to improve the future of Cambodia, and the parents of each student are important partners in that work. The parents were very happy to come and hear directly from the teachers about their  children, and for the teachers it is an important way to engage with the parents so that they can be closely involved in the learning process.

The parents were able to see their children’s results over the previous three months and discuss with the teachers how their children are progressing. A results sheet is also given for them to take home. Each of the teachers makes sure to explain the results to the parents so they can understand how their children are going - making sure to highlight any areas where the child is doing well to encourage parents, as well as any areas that parents can help them to improve.

In a country where many children are sent to work by their parents to help earn money for the family, the parents of our students are making a big financial sacrifice every day to keep their children in education. So among other things these parent/teacher interviews are a key strategy to help encourage the parents about the benefits of education, as they forego higher household income and invest in the future potential of their children and of this country.

Thank you to all our supporters for helping our staff work towards improving the future of these families. And please pray for God’s wisdom and blessing on the parents of all of our students. We hope you are having a blessed and happy start to 2014!

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