Health checkups and new medical room

The people of Happy Village #2 near Prey Sor were very happy to be able to have medical check ups recently. A Cambodian Doctor who was visiting the area generously gave of his time to do health checks for anyone who wanted medical attention. This was a great blessing, as people here don’t have enough money to pay for adequate medical care and many health problems could have continued if this service was not made available.

Also, this was a great opportunity to provide the people of the village with some health education. Basic health information about subjects such as hygiene, good nutrition and family planning can easily be taken for granted in rich countries, but it is of great value to everyone and is something which many people in Cambodia have limited access to.

The Doctor was able to use the medical room at HOH to perform these checks. And now that there is a newly constructed medical room at TLC, it will be easier to do these medical checks indoors and in more comfort and privacy for the locals at Happy Village #1 in Koh Krobey.

Thankyou to God for blessing our people in this way, and thankyou to generous donors who help to make these things possible.

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