Dentists visited Serve Cambodia

We are so privileged to sharing the good news that God always provide to us as such in the early of February this year 2014. We have received dental checking from the worldwide dentist Organization that they have collected each other to do the mission trip in Cambodia.  There are 35 dentists that came and checked the teeth of all kids for the whole day, and they started from 7:00 am till 4:00pm.  In that day, we have brought our three centers kids (TLC, HOH and LOH) that is amount more than 300 kids as well as we have called some kids from the outside of center amount nearly 60 kids. All dentists did it at the Harvest of Hope Centre.

All the dentists showed their high commitment and compassion to make all the kids to have a good smile with their teeth. They looked after the kids very much without any rest since they started. At that time, they did teaching to the kids how to brush their teeth, teach them what is advantage or disadvantage food that they should eat. They also do the checking, filling, taken off the bad or broken teeth. Moreover, when there is a kid crying, some of them gave the comfort to kids with their love. And all dentists are very friendly. And they also have a good cooperation and communication with our staff.

And they pledged that they will continue to do the check our kids’ teeth every year and they will come and teach about how to brush teeth, and give the brushes to kids in the mid of year as well.

- by Hong Kim (Serve Cambodia, administration)

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