FHC Mission trip to Banteay Mean Chey

Banteay Mean Chey is a province in Cambodia and next to Thailand border, most of Cambodian job are growing rice and some of them are farmer.

And not long ago in 2010 The Fellowship of Hope church we start having relationship in that area (Banteay Mean Chey province ) and have a few churches now in that province.  

Last month one of our Pastor and a few youth from Fellowship of Hope Church, we went on a mission trip to Banteay Mean Chey province for visiting our church at over there and we went each church in that area, and the last church that we went to visit is smaller church at Svay Chek district  but are very strong with their faith  at over there, we heard testimony  about one of men went to work at Thailand as worker and his have an accident with electric shock and he lost both hands and one of his leg is gone but he still alive, that is a sad story to hear, But he said “I am every Thank God that he not give me up and I knew God will use my life to show his kingdom”…..

After we hear his story we pray for him and feel sorry to him that thing it happen to him, we really enjoy our trip to Banteay Mean Chey province.

Thank you so much God Bless you …..

- by Meng Oum (FHC assistant and Serve Cambodia community project manager)

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