Love for a poor family in the province

In October 2013, Cambodia was affected by heavy flood; it was very terrible event that was flown from Thailand. At that time, some provinces where are alongside with Thai’s border such as Batdombong province, Banteay Meanchey province….etc. The flood has killed a hundreds of Cambodia people across the country. During that time, Serve Cambodia staffs and Church servants have had do the fundraising from many local donators, it was including from student in the education centres and from other FHC members as well as from the overseas support group or donators. After doing the fundraising, Serve Cambodia’s Team-Work has gone straight to the devastated area to present the food supplies and medicines to people who was affecting.  A day before we left Batdombong province, we also have met a one family that stays in very poor condition. They have 11 members in the family and it is included 9 children. Two children have passed away, and other two children was other one’s slave because of their parents have been owed money, so both children need to work and repay the debt for them. Moreover, because of lack the nutrient food or daily food, so most of the children and the parents have mental problem.




Recently, because of our miss to them, so we decided to return back and bring some more stuffs to offer them. But when we returned back and in the time, the mother has given the birth to one baby by herself, because they couldn’t be afforded to pay the hospital fee, so she gave the birth at her house alone. And during the mother giving the birth, their father always escapes to the trees, just only a few children who look after her and the baby. In this time, it is great amazing that God have protected them, because after mother gave the birth, she was very cold and then the children set the fire to relief their mother, it is  under the bamboo bed and in house made by hay. So we have built a house with good condition or a sustainable when we were there, we also did the washing hair for children; we also served the food for them. And after we built the house, we also bought some more food, kitchen supplies, mattress, pillows and mosquito net…etc. Moreover, when we gave the mother some milk, and then she replied back, she never ever drinks the milk before, and she not believed that the milk tastes sweet or not.



When we return back to Phnom Penh, we have promised that we will be reached there again one day with many blessings that God will provide more and more. And we also want to say Thanks God for his helping us in this thing as well, and we feel very appreciated when God has transform or transit the bad thing from this family by instead by the happiness, peace, healthy and good condition from God. When we see their smile, it made us want to cry and don’t want to return back to Phnom Penh as well. And we also want to say thank you for all the donators who always support our working in Cambodia.


Thank You for your pay attention to read this story.

May God bless you all.

San Sara

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